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Ideal for Personal & Business Trips

Treat your guests and clients to personal and business trips aboard the Redwood Empire. Our Oakland, California-based rail charter company offers you the opportunity to experience something very few in history ever have. Our car provides a relaxed atmosphere with excellent food, attentive service, and the opportunity for long conversations.

Business Trips

For business trips, our railcar, with internet connectivity, is the perfect setting for a board of directors' retreat, a unique reward for especially productive employees, or a getaway with a valued customer. On a private railway car, you can make a presentation to an investor or client and be assured there will be no interruptions. The Redwood Empire is also suitable for special training sessions when it is important that those involved have an opportunity to get to know each other well. A one-day trip from Oakland to Santa Barbara with a return trip the next day would be ideal for these purposes, but longer trips are also possible.

Personal Vacations

For personal trips, luxury train travel aboard the Redwood Empire is ideal for a once-in-a-lifetime railway vacation. Whether you are celebrating a 25th anniversary with the original wedding party, a family get-together for relatives who see each other rarely, or a 50th grammar school reunion, we can accommodate you.

Overnight Travel

A memorable private rail experience includes overnight travel recreating the days of the America's fast and luxurious passenger trains and Pullman sleeping cars. Riding the Redwood Empire overnight is similar to experiencing California's famous overnight speedsters, including Santa Fe's "Super Chief" and "San Francisco Chief," Southern Pacific's Los Angeles-San Francisco "Lark" and the "California Zephyr" serving the Western Pacific-Rio Grande-Burlington's route to Chicago. Even the Northwestern Pacific ran a Pullman sleeping car from San Rafael north to Eureka.

Additional Car

If you desire to travel overnight and there are more people in your party than can be accommodated by the Redwood Empire, we will obtain an additional private railroad car. You should note, though, that the maximum number of passengers is 16, which is dictated by the size of the dining room table that does not seat more than eight.