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Floor Plan & Layout of the Railcar

No matter what your destination, from California, to the Eastern Seaboard, there's always room to stay aboard our private railcar. The Redwood Empire combines modern comforts and luxury with the classic look of the old railroad.

Train Floor Plan

Lounge (1, 2) | Bedroom A (1, 2) | Bedroom B | Bedroom C | Bathroom | Dining Room (1, 2) | Crew | Pantry | Kitchen | Corridor


The layout of the Redwood Empire consists of a lounge with access to the open platform, two bedrooms with standard Pullman upper and lower berths, and the superintendent's room with a double bed. There is also a fully equipped washroom with a shower and a dining room. Ahead of the dining room are the crews' quarters, pantry and kitchen and an additional exit door. The couch in the lounge converts into a full Pullman upper berth. This is true luxury train travel.


Each of Redwood Empire's two standard bedrooms is equipped with an upper berth and a lower berth ingeniously stashed away for day use as sitting rooms. When travelers are ready to retire, the steward will deploy both berths. A light above the bed is available for late night reading in each berth. Each bedroom's closet contains robes for visiting the washroom/shower or just lounging. Call buttons, which are located on walls in staterooms and in the observation lounge, are in working order if the presence of a staff member is required.