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Make a Reservation for Rail Travel

Thank you for considering a trip on the Redwood Empire private railcar, based in Oakland, California. We are happy you have chosen us for the unique experience of enjoying rail travel in a way that is only open to a very few lucky people.

Non-Binding Reservation

Requesting a reservation will neither bind you nor SF-PV, LLC, a California limited liability company that owns the Redwood Empire until a formal written agreement is signed by both parties. To request a reservation, please click on the Trip Information button at the bottom of this page; fill out the requested information; and click submit. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your trip in advance of filling out the Trip Information form, please call Greg Ryken at (415) 215-3775.

Type of Event

For your reservation, we need to know about the type of event (e.g., business meeting, board retreat, family gathering, etc.). This will help the chef decide about the menu and help the owner make plans for the trip.


Because an Amtrak train is not always available and because Amtrak may cancel a train, please provide several dates for the trip that are acceptable.



When planning for your trip and calculating the amount of the Chartering Fee, we need to know where you want to go. We also need to know whether it will be a round-trip, returning to Oakland, or whether one-way, in which case we need to arrange for the Redwood Empire and its staff to return to Oakland. Also, please inform us whether you want to stop at one or several cities.


The Redwood Empire has three sleeping compartments and one pull-down bed. Consequently, if there will be more than seven people on an overnight trip, we must rent another private railway car as a sleeper car. If your trip is local (e.g. to Santa Barbara) and will not involve an overnight stay on the train, the Redwood Empire can accommodate 16 people.


Customer Requests

After contact is made, the owner's representative will call to discuss the food that you want on the menu and food that should be avoided, e.g. food allergies. You may change your special requests until one week before the trip. Please indicate whether you want beverages supplied or whether you would prefer to do so.

Notice & Chartering Agreement

After calculating the Chartering Fee, the owner's representative will call and inform you of the cost. Thereafter, you will receive a Chartering Agreement, which will include, among other topics, the dates for your trip, the amount of the Chartering Fee, the amount of the Security Deposit, cancellations and refunds, and the information on the reservation form. If the Chartering Agreement is satisfactory, you should sign it and return it to the owner with a reservation deposit equal to 25% of the Chartering Fee.


Your trip will be reserved between the date when the owner's representative is able to confirm a date acceptable to you and Amtrak and seven days after you receive the Chartering Agreement.

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